Ironsteel Brand Footwear is one of the many kind of industrial safety footwear has penetrated the EEC market. Ironsteel Footwear is produced fully conforming to the European Standard (CE EN ISO 20345:2011) and also accredited to conforming to the Australian Standards (QAS) and Canadian Standards (CSA)

“Ironsteel” are now selling successfully in a numbers of countries such as Italy, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ironsteel Footwear offers a wide range of Safety Footwear that meets customer needs and requirements. “Ironsteel not only caters for Industrial Safety Footwear but also Military Footwear, Ladies Safety Footwear, with waterproof technology from Germany-Sympatex and Italy- Out-dry.

“Ironsteel” range of footwear meets these standards for all situations, uses and requirements. We guaranteed its quality and performance by using quality materials such as leathers, linings, sole etc. ensures conformances e.g. tearing and abrasion resistance, flexibility, permeability to water vapour, pH value and Azo dyes test, non slip property of soles and other additions protection like anti-static and penetration resistance. In addition, comfort, style, aesthetics and durability for the wearer are not sacrifice.

Standing on a firm foundation and bridging the future, Ironsteel is always ready to provide the latest trend and high quality in safety footwear to cater to the market demand of major countries. In line with the latest market trend, Ironsteel has also started to produce safety footwear with non metallic component that meet the international standard.

“Ironsteel” are now being known as one of the top quality and high technology brand and with strong on R&D research and development.

“Ironsteel” are always on the lead on manufacturer high technology safety footwear with extra comfort for every person that needed.


Chile Cal-tex
Hong Kong Safety Mark
France CTC