Concentrated Stingless bee honey (350g)

Concentrated Stingless bee honey (350g)


According to MARDI, Kelulut honey contains up to 10 times higher antioxidants properties than ordinary honey. It also contains lower reducing sugar (fructose and glucose) and also high in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Kelulut honey also contains active enzyme.

It is infused in propolis and undergone a natural fermentation process that gives a unique and distinctive flowerish aroma with a sour taste.

Stingless Bee Honey is

  • 100% pure
  • without artificial additives
  • matured
  • dehydrated under low temperature
  • originated from unpolluted Borneo highlands
  • nectar sourced mainly from Acacia mangium
  • MeSTI & HALAL certified
  • Laboratory tested

With low Fructose and Glucose content, stingless bee honey can be used as a natural sweetener. It is also ideal for those who live an active or stressful life, great before and after exercise as a rejuvenating tonic.

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Stingless bee honey was used traditionally by native and folks to cure common sicknesses and diseases. Therefore, it is known as Mother of Medicine for its richness natural medication and healing properties.


Stingless Bee honey is believed to be beneficial for:

  • Contain active enyzmes,
  • Contain lower reducing sugar (fructose and glucose),
  • Slow down aging process,
  • Enhance immune system,
  • Treat ulcers, cough, and throat sore,
  • Beautify and soothe skin,
  • Improve sleeping problems,
  • Replenishes energy and enhance stamina level,
  • Expedite healing process of the wound, cut and burn,
  • Improve digestion and increase metabolism.


With size ranging from 3mm to 13mm only, they are able to sip and forage nectars from inflorescences of tiny flowers and deepest space of flower blossoms. Therefore, Stingless Bee honey is rich in vitamins and minerals compare to Ordinary honey bee. After harvested nectars, it will be brought back by Stingless Bee and stored inside an egg-shaped pot covered with propolis.

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