Stingless Bee Pollen (100g)

Stingless Bee Pollen (100g)


STINGLESS BEE POLLEN is a mixture of pollen, honey, and secretions released from Stingless Bees. Bee pollen serves as the main source of protein and energy in stingless bee hives. As one of the nature’s most completely nourishing foods, stingless bee pollen contains a high level of antioxidants, protein, amino acids, vitamins including B-complex, phenolic compounds, and minerals. Stingless bee pollen also contains a high level of antibiotics, antibacterial, antivirals, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Stingless bee pollen is ideal for those who live an active or stressful life, great before and after exercise as a rejuvenating tonic, especially for athletes as a quick energy booster.


Allergy Note: It is rare for people to have an allergic reaction to bee pollen and many take bee pollen to help overcome allergies such as hayfever. However, please note this product contains bee pollen, so if you suffer from hayfever or other allergies take a small amount initially or seek medical advice before taking this product.

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Stingless Bee Pollen benefits us in many ways especially for women beauty care and treating inflammation. Stingless bee pollen is also known as Beebread. Stingless bees only produce honey, pollen, and Propolis. Larva of stingless bees and their queens are fed using pollen. Pollen is collected and foraged by stingless bee from flowers and tiny inflorescences. After collected it, a stingless bee will pack the pollen on their legs for bringing it back to their hive as food for the colony. A worker (female stingless bee) will take it off and mix it with honey and secretions released from their gland. After that, it will be stored in an egg-shaped pot made up of propolis. Pollen is stored and consumed by stingless bee themselves including their queens – in larger amount – as a protein source.

Aside from protein, pollen is also rich in free amino acids, and vitamins, including B-complex, phenolic compounds, and folic acid.


Learn how Stingless bee pollen benefit us,

  1. Increase stamina & endurance level
  1. Treat inflammation
  1. Cardiovascular system & blood circulation system
  1. A natural skin care
  1. Weight management
  1. Fertility & menopause treatment
  1. Treat allergies
  1. Strengthen immune system
  1. Enhance digestive system.
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